Parking and public transport

You can reach the Frederik Hendriklaan by car or public transit. If arriving by car, you can park in the streets surrounding de Fred free of charge until 13.00. After 13.00, the parking charges are €2,- per hour. Are you arriving by train? Then there are many options depending on which train station that you are coming from. If you are coming from The Hague Central train station, you can take tram 16, towards Statenkwartier, or the citybus 24, towards Kijkduin. If you are coming from Hollands Spoor train station, you can take tram 11, towards Scheveningen haven, or tram 16, towards Statenkwartier. You can find more information about the buses and trams on or plan your route using the app 9292. 

Activities surrounding de Fred

De Fred is very close to the beach. In just five minutes you can walk from de Fred to Scheveningen. And do not forget that there are plenty of chances to get your daily dosage of culture when visiting the koepelbioscoop Omniversum, the Art museum, Museon, the World Forum Theater or Madurodam all within a couple of minutes of de Fred.


Regardless of the weather, the Omniversum is a worthwhile visit as it is the way to watch a film. The Omniversum is a wide-screen dome film theatre. The screen runs 180 degrees around the audience and is 4500 times larger than regular television. Not only is the display screen incredibly impressive in size and image, but also the sound coming from the 36 speakers will reach your bones. 

Art museum Den Haag

The Art museum is designed by Berlage. Just looking at the design of the building from the outside is already spectacular. Inside, the museum showcases around 160.000 modern and contemporary works of art, making it one of the largest in Europe. Even if you are not a lover of the arts, this museum is still a place to visit. 


Would you live to visit all of the Netherlands its highlights in just a couple of hours? Well, Madurodam is the place for you. Not only does Madurodam showcase all of the Netherlands its highlights in miniature, but there are also many available activities. Put on your pilot hat and fly with KLM over the Netherlands, or take a time machine back to the Netherlands in the 17th century to sail a famous ship to New-Amsterdam (now better known as New York). 

World Forum Theater

The World Forum Theather organizes a wide variety of events from musicals and theatre to comedy shows, concerts and festivals. 

From Den Haag CS

Tram 16 – dir. Statenkwartier

Citybus 24 – dir. Kijkduin

Citybus 21 – dir. Scheveningen Noord


From Den Haag Holland Spoor

Tram 11 – dir. Scheveningen Haven

Tram 17 – dir. Statenkwartier

Citybus 28 – dir. Zuiderstrand Theater

Citybus 28 – dir. Station Voorburg

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