When walking on de Fred, you will be amazed!

When walking through the streets in Statenkwartier, you will find it to be an affluent area with beautiful landscaping, Art Nouveau architecture and sidewalks made of stone. Being built between 1890 and 1915, the Statenkwartier offers an exquisite style of homes, specialty shops and cafés. This results in a unique appearance. When visiting de Fred, you will be not only able to enjoy the boutiques, specialty shops and exceptional dining but also the arresting architecture.

Towers of the district

When walking through Statenkwartier, you will find many buildings with a Tower. The towers are what sets these street scenes apart from the rest of The Hague. Most of the towers were built with the purpose of creating architectural ornaments, leaving the viewer in awe of the streets’ beauty and charm. However, some towers have a practical sense to mark important roads and street corners. Also, a fun fact: the towers of Statenkwatier are incorporated in the logo of de Fred.


Green parks

Besides its remarkable architecture, de Fred also offers many parks woven in between the buildings. The ratio of parks to buildings form a well-balanced ratio between human-made beauty and the beauty of nature. An excellent example of this is the Prins Mauritsplein: the oasis where the cobblestones en brick buildings meet the hazel pine. The well known Fredrik Hendrikplein, a declared protected cityscape, is also worth a visit.


Berlages favourite design

The Dutch architect, Hendrik Petrus Berlage, disgined a varaiaty of buildings in The Hague and in the Statenkwatier. He designed Villa Henny als wel as the Artmuseum, before known as the Gemeentemuseum. A fun fact: Berlage was most proud of his design for Artmuseum.

As residents and shop owners of the Statenkwartier, we are proud of de Fred’s architectural beauty. We are sure that visitors will enjoy it as much as we do.

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